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Bernstein Focus: Neurotechnology (BFNT)


The 'Bernstein Focus: Neurotechnology' extends the Bernstein Network towards concrete applications in neurotechnology. It is supported by the BMBF with a funding volume of 35.5 million Euros over the years 2008 to 2015.

The aim of the funding initiative 'Bernstein Focus: Neurotechnology' is to bridge the gap between neuroscientific research and neurotechnological applications and to shorten the time needed to translate research results into marketable products. The research activities will focus on improving our understanding of the underlying neuronal mechanisms and dynamics as well as on the development of model approaches and on quantitative analysis. Essential elements of the 'Bernstein Focus: Neurotechnology' concept are the participation of industrial partners, the establishment of mechanisms for technology transfer and the implementation of a consistent teaching programme to improve the interdisciplinary training of young researchers. Project-related collaborations with groups outside the centers will foster the transfer of knowledge beyond the network.


The following regions are funded within the "Bernstein Focus: Neurotechnology":