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Bernstein Focus: Neuronal Basis of Learning (BFNL)


The "Bernstein Focus: Neuronal Basis of Learning" (BFNL) extends the Bernstein Network through cooperative projects in the innovation field of learning. It is supported by the BMBF with a funding volume of 17.6 million Euros over the years 2009 to 2014.

Learning is a central feature characterizing the brain. Uncovering the biological phenomenon of learning can be expected to have considerable innovative effects on a broad spectrum of technical applications. The same holds true for perspectives concerning industrial exploitation. The purpose of this funding initiative is to exploit the existing potential in Germany towards connecting neuroscientific research results in the field of learning at an early stage to technological applications.

Download a booklet about the projects of the Bernstein Focus: Neuronal Basis of Learning


The following projects are supported within the framework of the "Bernstein Focus: Neuronal Basis of Learning":