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Neural Representations of Time: Experiments, Models, Theory


The ability of the brain to tell time is fundamental for numerous behavioral tasks. It plays a crucial role in identifying temporal relationships between events, anticipating actions, calculating rate of returns and in decision making in general. Although extensively studied, the neural basis of time perception remains elusive. Recent theoretical and experimental research has given new insights and proposed possible mechanisms for the perception of time. The aim of this workshop is to highlight these recent developments, and provide a forum to discuss key open issues.

Understanding how organisms perceive and estimate time requires a combined experimental and theoretical effort. That is why, in this workshop, research from a large spectrum of approaches will be presented. A selection of international scientists working on time has been invited to present their current research. The topics will range from human and animal psychophysics to recordings of neural activity, as well as conceptual theoretical accounts and detailed mechanistic models of timing. By bringing together researchers from different neuroscientific communities we hope to foster a fruitful exchange of ideas and possibly trigger new collaborations. To encourage this, we have reserved ample time at the end of each talk for discussing the presented findings. In addition, the workshop will conclude with a chaired round-table discussion.

The workshop will take place on September 2nd and 3rd, 2014, as a satellite of this year’s Bernstein Conference. Since its year of inception in 2005, the Bernstein Conference has yet to feature time perception. Our workshop will be the first to focus on one of the least understood themes in Computational Neuroscience, thereby assisting the growth of the Bernstein Conference by attracting new scientists. We hope you will join us in this exciting new workshop and we look forward to seeing you in Göttingen!


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