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Transcranial Stimulation

Bernstein Collaboration for Computational Neuroscience (BCOL)

It is the aim of the cooperation to provide a conceptual and experimental basis for further expanding the brain stimulation spectrum between direct current (DC) stimulation of the brain (transcranial direct current stimulation: tDCS) on one side and pulsed stimulation by (painless) transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) on the other side. Any frequency spectrum is accomplished between DC and 100 Hz by tDCS. It will be the task of NeuroConn GmbH to provide an amplifier system which is able to accomplish this on the technical site including an option for safe stimulation in the MR scanner. The Göttingen group will evaluate neuroplastic effects of the different stimulation paradigms, whereas the Kassel group will provide a software programme which allows to predict current flow options based on most modern head/brain models even incorporating fiber tract directions as measured by diffusion tensor MRI.

Subproject 1 Modelling the intracerebral current flow evoked be transcranial stimulation

Subproject 2 Application of an extended transcranial stimulation frequency spectrum in neuroplasticity research and experimental treatment of neurological diseases

Subproject 3 Transcranial Direct Current stimulation