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Neural Network Simulation

Bernstein Collaboration for Computational Neuroscience (BCOL)

Subproject 1: Development of rapid solvers for single cell simulation and multiple cell network simulation

Aims of the subproject are the development of a fast and flexible simulation framework and image segmentation techniques for single cells and cell networks. The large amount of cells constituting these networking and the large amount of detail in single cell morphology necessitate exploitation of new simulation methods. Therefore simulation techniques from mathematics and computer science are combined in a software framework for large-scale simulation of neuron networks from the rat barrel cortex where the most extensive anatomical and functional data base is available.

Subproject 2: Understanding the fly optomotor response

Aim of the subproject is to obtain a threedimensional network reconstruction at the ultrastructural level and understand the functional connectivity of the neuronal circuits underlying the processing of motion information in the visual system of the fly. Furthermore, the project is aiming towards the modeling of visual motion processing in all layers of the circuit and links it to the behavior of the fly. The amount of data generated with SerialBlockFaceScanningElectronMicroscops (SBFSEM) microscopy in conjunction with the necessity to implement the derived 3D anatomical data into high order computational networks requires the development of new and advanced simulation and computer science techniques.