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Bernstein Group for Computational Neuroscience (BGCN)

"Detailed Modelling of Signal processing in Neurons"

Neurons are the basic unit of information processing in the brain, controlling the dynamic processes. Thus, understanding signal processing in neurons is basic to understand the brain. The aim of the present Bernstein group is the understanding how spatial and temporal dynamics are controlled on the level of neurons and microcircuits. To that end, unsteady models with three dimensional space resolutions of subcellular features will be created leading to large coupled systems of partial differential equations. These models have the potential to yield very accurate information about spatial and temporal dynamics and their interaction, forming the basis for the complex dynamics of the neural system. This work requires interdisciplinary cooperation connecting techniques from molecular biology, image processing, electrophysiology, high resolution microscopy and tools from mathematical modelling, numerical solvers and large scale supercomputing. The aim is to get insight into the basic principles by which interacting proteins, neurons and microcircuits process information, form structures and coordinate their dynamics.