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Bernstein Group for Computational Neuroscience

"Functional adaptation of the visual cortex"

Aim of the Bernstein group is understanding functional adaptation in the visual system by theoretical and experimental approaches of neuroscience. The visual system dynamically adapts to the environment, extracts important information from the flood of stimuli and analyses it relative to contexts. Dynamics and neuronal mechanisms of functional adaptation will be described, performances of brains and subjects will be reproduced in models. Experimental paradigms will be based on theoretical concepts and will foster synergies between theory and experiment. In collaboration with the Bernstein Centres Computational Neuroscience different methodological approaches will be combined in order to select models and develop overarching theories. The master program Neuroscience will serve promotion of the new generation of academics. The better understanding of mechanisms of neuronal adaptation will provide the basis for algorithms for robot control and computer vision and will contribute to diagnosis and treatment of cognitive deficits.