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The Funder’s Hour 2017

HFSP: Funding International Research Collaborations in the Life Sciences

with Barbara Pauly (HFSP Director of Fellowships) and Jérémie Barral (Long-Term Fellow, NYU)

Computational and theoretical neuroscience can open up novel avenues towards understanding the nervous system by integrating methods and concepts of natural sciences, life science and engineering. This year’s Bernstein Conference features The Funder’s Hour to provide an exchange forum for funding agencies which support such trans-disciplinary frontier research and the computational neuroscience community.  The Funder’s Hour 2017 will present the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP). HFSP has been supporting frontier research on the complex mechanisms of living organisms since 1990. HFSP Director of Fellowships Barbara Pauly will describe HFSP’s funding aims and principles (HFSP: Funding International Research Collaborations in the Life Sciences). HFSP Long-Term Fellow Jérémie Barral (NYU) will report about his HFSP experience and show some highlights of his HFSP funded research (Synaptic scaling to maintain neuronal dynamics and propagate information). The short presentations will be followed by a moderated questions and answers session.